Top Capitol security officials opened fire after the joint riots


Three senior security officers in Congress To us Capitol loses job on Thursday over “shameful and deadly” security breach by presidential supporters Donald Trump.

Politics Capitol Police Chief Steven Chund will resign until Jan. 16 before President-elect Joe Biden takes office, a police spokesman said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell began Thursday in Senate demanding the resignation of Senate Sergeant Michael Stenker.

And Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy PelosiHouse Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving will resign after the Capitol invasion by pro-Trump mob on Wednesday, which has so far killed five people.

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Pelosi called for Sund’s resignation early Thursday morning and said he could not be reached; A Sunt spokesman said he had no previous plans to resign.

McConnell said Deputy Sergeant Jennifer Hemingway will take over as head of defense in the Senate, and that Congress will “examine the serious failures of yesterday and continue and strengthen our preparations for a secure and successful inauguration. January 20”.

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Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said he planned to remove Stenger if he was in office at the time, after the Democrats won a majority on Jan. 20.

McConnell said the final indictment was of “innocent criminals” who defamed Capitol, but suggested that Congress should take note of “shocking flaws in Capitol’s security posture and ethics.”

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Democrat Joe Lofren, a trusted ally of Pelosi, the head of the committee responsible for capital security logistics, said Chund had misled himself about security arrangements for the January 6 session. He commented that the compound’s police chief had assured him that he had all the coincidences and that “there is no doubt that they were able to keep us completely safe on Capitol Hill.” The National Guard was ready, Lofgren Sund told himself. “This is not true. They were not invited.”

With Joe Biden’s inauguration in two weeks, the next Capitol security test is coming soon.

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