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Michael Obama calls for censorship amid US press chants calling for ban on ‘fuel insurgency’ and social media

Former First Lady Michael Obama has joined calls for the cleansing of all social media tycoon Donald Trump, insisting that he is using sites to ‘incite insurgency’ The American corporate press is urging Big Deck to do the same.

Former Plotus released a lengthy statement on Thursday – Rowdy Trump supporters rally against U.S. election results 24 hours after entering the capital – blaming the president is the problem, she said. “Insulting the center of the US government.” Social media sites also play a role in facilitating these events, he said.

It is time for companies in the Silicon Valley to stop allowing this heinous behavior – and go beyond what they have already done by permanently banning this man from their bases and putting in place policies to prevent the country’s leaders from using their technology to incite insurgency. .

The petition came shortly after Facebook announced that the previous suspension on Trump’s account would be extended “At least” Until the inauguration on January 20, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the president « [used] His platform to tolerate rather than condemn the actions of his supporters in Capitol Hill.


Caitlin Johnston: The two-faced mainstream media is already using the Washington riots to call for more censorship on social media

Facebook-owned Instagram, Twitter and Snapshot have imposed similar restrictions on their accounts – explains the Associated Press “Social sites [flexing] Their power. “

The riots on Capitol Hill killed at least five people, were widely condemned in the media and in American political circles, and prompted the press to call on technology companies to tighten the rules – Obama’s recommendation – to remove Trump from their sites.

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New York Times editorial board member Greg Bensinger echoed the demands in the open edition Thursday “Delete all Trump accounts”, When charging Big Deck with noble intent “Restore truth and dignity in our democracy” Through strict content regulation.

A call “Judgment Day” As for social media, Benzinger suggested a long list of actions for the sites “Direct human moderation of high-level accounts; more visible warning labels; software may delay releases so they can be explored before they are widely distributed.”

Mr. More option to suspend or completely block dangerous accounts like Trump.


The chief reporter raises the alarm as he calls on Trump supporters to ‘clean up’

Meanwhile, the Washington Post used Wednesday’s unrest as an opportunity to recycle the 2017 column. “Unlock” The Internet was used to multiply “Liberal groups fundamentally opposed to the basic tenets of liberal democracy”, Suggests that governments may use the law to reduce “Liberal Voices” – Examples Authors can only see political right.

The article was discontinued and approved before supporting specific actions “Any attempt to regulate the Internet” Can “Close Dangerously” For censorship, he presented the Internet as a dangerous tool that requires official surveillance after Trump supporters attacked congressional halls.

Pressure to end the outgoing president’s ban, however, was not widely appreciated, however, as bad national security whistleblower Edward Snowden warned of Facebook’s decision. Silence ம silence னம் » Trump noted “A Breakthrough in the Battle for Digital Speech Control.”

“Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.” While arguing that Facebook is one, he urged his supporters not to celebrate the move “Continuously documented history since it was created.”


‘Breakthrough in the war for control’: Edward Snowden and others warn of the consequences of Trump’s Facebook ban

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