Hey, Anthony Edwards is officially Junk Time Fireworks

Anthony Edwards 8 janvier 2021

You’re waiting for him to start the day on the right foot every morning, so here he is without further delay: NBA Top 10 of the night, இன்று Lots of nuggets on the menu today, and it makes you hungry

# 10: The alley-op between D’Anthony Melton and Brandon Clark, forgetting that what we want to see in these top 10 is Ja Morant and Jaron Jackson Jr.

# 9: One of the biggest reasons fans of wolves smile now is Jared Vanderbilt, and that line is different.

# 8 : Big news, Derrick Jones Jr. has an interesting impetus.

# 7: We will never forget that Ben Simmons Tomar also sent a large cinder block from the parking lot that night.

# 6: The Lakers have a fantastic relationship between the two stars of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Oh, we do it again. The wonderful relationship between Dylan Horton-Tucker and Montreal Harrell.

# 5: Nicola Jogic’s buster balance, the pity he fell shortly after on his miniature duo.

# 4: You will be glad to know that Nicola Jogic has some good teammates.

# 3: Dorian-Finney Smith MVP.

# 2: Anthony Edwards Officially Junk Time Fireworks.

# 1: Jamal Murray is officially Damien Lillard of Canada.

Below it for pictures, you need to click. Us? We start doing the tour, so let’s quietly take a nice step forward before continuing. See you soon? See you soon, another Happy New Year.

The video is available here!

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