“He should run three times and become one of the 10 best in the world!”

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There are players destined to become superstars in the NBA. One of them ran as a teammate who trusts him, and wants to force him to become the new Russell Westbrook by converting to a three-double average. The menu is huge, but there is potential.

The NBA is a league where there is no shortage of young talent … Luca Doncic For example, before the start of the season was seen as a potential MVP, Trey Young was placed at one point Among the top 5 players in the league, Jason Todd and Jaylan Brown coming out of a conference final with the Celtics… Plenty of examples.

But there is a young man with more potential. Sometimes he is the player who shows that he can become the best on the planet Kevin Torrent, He looks different in the field. Also, this player is challenged by his teammates to become the next Russell Westbrook At the statistical level.

New Orleans players noticed that Brandon Ingram was the best at delivering the ball and facilitating the game, but that did not increase the number of his assists per game, as his introduction suggested. The outing of the season against the Raptors.

After the meeting J.J. Redick told him to run three times on average for the long haul. Redick has not left Ingram since last season, challenging him to become a three-doubles and one of the top 10 players on the planet.

As more time passes, Brandon Ingram progresses in the game. Despite returning to 100% Zion Williamson, He is the undeniable leader among pelicans! But with Russell Westbrook next to triple on average, there’s no doubt he’ll have to seize the ball a little more like all the big superstars in the All-Star League. However, it has the potential to become a machine …

Compared to their physical resemblance to Kevin Durant for so long, Brandon Ingram could finally become a new Russell Westbrook. JJ Redick will not be against!

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