Weather in Germany: “Winter is at a crossroads” – News

Weather in Germany: "Winter is at a crossroads" - News

Many of the scales in the lower areas are often gone. A small piece of white powder moves from north to south. Gray clouds are falling on us.

It was very bright during the day. The sun has simply gone out in the last few days. But there is an end to it!

“The concrete gray of the sky can take breaks in Germany on Saturdays and Sundays. At least it gets brighter and 2 to 3 hours of sun is possible. Next week it will be very friendly, not every day, but on average. We all need it, I think. 0 hours in the sun, Says Climate Analyst Dr. Carsten Brand Tonerweater.D to Built.

The sun’s rays get some chances again over the weekend

The sun’s rays get some chances again over the weekendPhoto: dpa

Meteorologist J வெrgen Schmidt, of Wetter Conder, added: “So far, the beginning of 2021 has been very cloudy. There is no sunlight in some regions. “

In the highlands it is slightly below 0 degrees and in the lowlands it is slightly above 0 degrees. Winter weather is coming around.

“Friday will be a few more scales. Ms. Hole is shaking the snow very little from the sky in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg and Berlin.

Upcoming weather:

Friday: Minus 2 to plus 4 degrees, cold and humid weather, with occasional snow or sleet

Saturday: Subtract 2 to plus 4 degrees, mostly dry, some sun

Sunday: Minus 2 to 5 degrees, sunshine here and there, no rain

Monday: Subtract 2 to plus 6 degrees, rain in the west, otherwise dry

Tuesday: 2 to 8 degrees, mixed, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy

Wednesday: Minus 1 to 7 degrees, rain in the west, otherwise individual snowfall

Thursday: 2 to 9 degrees, lots of clouds, rain in the west

Will winter stay? Or is he going?

It is cold. The clouds hung low. But a winter landscape is not everywhere.

“Winter is at a crossroads. If things get lighter again in the long run, a real hammer will be closer to winter, ”said Dominic Jung, a graduate meteorologist from Q.met Weather Service to BILD.

Because from Monday it will be light again from the west. But it is not yet clear how long this will last.

Bildt meteorologist Jung: “Only the main flow of the American weather model calculates cooling. But not all other weather models. If the weather is mild, they will be after January 15th. Nothing big in terms of permafrost and ice masses. “

The sun only shines at high altitudes.  It is located above Forgensi in Bavaria with little water in winter

The sun only shines at high altitudes. It is located above Forgensi in Bavaria with little water in winterPhoto: dpa

Jர்கrgen Schmidt Bildt, a meteorologist from Wetterkonder, says: “There may be two differences between the cold east and the mild west. Cold winds will blow from Scandinavia through Eastern Europe into the Black Sea from Wednesday. Cool air can be obtained in the east of Germany. “

So next week is only partially winter. Winter is probably limited to low mountain ranges and highs.’s climate expert Brand Bildt says: “After January 20 it will always be 3 to 8 degrees in the lowlands until the end of the month. So, next week and the week after that, even with the first hazel pollen in the air there will be more mitigation.

And Andreas Friedrich, a graduate meteorologist from the German Meteorological Service to Bildt: “It’s mostly winter in the mountains, while at least” winter light “continues in the lowlands.

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