The U.S. International Branch of Lycee Lasage in Vance is closely monitoring the U.S. situation - Vance

The U.S. International Branch of Lycee Lasage in Vance is closely monitoring the U.S. situation – Vance

The night was intense for Annick Hervio. Affiliated with CNN, Lesage de Vance, one of two officers from the U.S. International Division of High School, quickly set aside his copies to imitate Washington’s position on Capitol Hill, this “symbol of democracy.” The dual national editor says he was frightened when he saw the protesters enter the Washington building, rolling his eyes on the news channel. “I’m not afraid that American democracy will stumble, but I’m afraid of senators. This is sad for American democracy.”

“Like an Action Movie”

The author, who faced its events as a “CNN insurgency”, responded late to the news of some of his 75 students. Elliott and Axel are studying in their final year. The pro-Trump sling did not surprise them. “It simply came to our notice then. It was like an action movie, ”Elliott said. This Thursday morning, all of the conversations with their comrades were spotted. “We talk a lot about current American news, so frankly, this thing is of interest to us. We followed the elections, the Black Lives Matter movement. We follow an American historical program that helps us form an idea of ​​what is going on,” said two 17-year-old students. Underline.

In his opinion, Annick Hervio, who took part in the vote, confirms that he holds it to himself in his teachings. On Wednesday, he told them about a beautiful day in the United States, for other reasons: “In Georgia, for the first time, a black pastor was elected senator. In honor of the same church as Martin Luther King. But I also warned them of the dangers of voting on Capitol Hill. ”

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“Tired of this bullshit *”

Assistant Sienna Varskovsky, coming straight from Oregon, did not hide her feelings. “I’m so sorry, but not too surprised. It’s shocking, but the most ridiculous thing is that they managed to get to the Capitol so effortlessly.” Tired, she lets go and apologizes for the habit: “I’m tired of this bullshit *”. He will remain in France until May, when he returns and Joe Biden will officially become President of the United States. “I’m very glad its installation is near.”

Annick Hervio says she is relieved Joe Biden’s election has been confirmed. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s not going to end like that. Biden is committed to uniting the United States. I hope he achieves it. American confidence speaks for itself. ”

* Bullshit

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