Tesla can cover 576 km without any driving interruption.

Tesla can cover 576 km without any driving interruption.

Tesla Model 3 – D.R.

A Tesla recently traveled 576 km without any driving intervention – or almost. The car is reportedly fitted with a new fully self-driving (FSD) system currently being developed by the US company. PFMTV.

The owner of the vehicle, U.S. The full Tuesday list of YouTube has been released
Video Of this record this Monday. We see the car accelerate to 576 km / h between SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles and the city of San Jose.

A driving system is still under development

In the video, we see that the Tesla Model 3 handles without any problems in the city or on the highway. YouTube only intervenes once to park its vehicle in the charging station for electric cars. The rest of the time, it stays that way and does not touch the steering wheel, except to confirm its presence in the driving system from time to time.

In recent months, some Tesla customers have been offered the opportunity to test this sophisticated driving assistant, FSD. Elon Muskin’s goal is to create a fully autonomous driving system far removed from the semi-autonomous system of the automotive pilot.

FSD is still in development, but according to YouTube, which tests it regularly, the system is advancing rapidly. The FSD option is already available for $ 10,000 in the US and ,500 7,500 per month in France.

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