Killian Hayes avec son coach aux Pistons Dwane Casey

Terrible embarrassment for Gillian Haze

Following his injury, Gillian Hayes and his entourage will have to make a very difficult decision… Depending on the choice made, the Frenchman’s luxury season could go from complex to catastrophic. The case must be prosecuted.

Gillian Hayes will be at the heart of all the debates taking place in Detroit in the coming days more than ever. After a very complicated start to the season some have already questioned (4.6 points, 3.7 assists 27.7% shooting and 25% 3 points), the young French leader finally He lost his place in the opening 5 due to injury.

Now a question arises among the pistons: How to treat the injury of No. 7 of the last draft? At this time there are two options in the table, namely the remainder or the function. The impact on the Frenchman’s season will be very different depending on the final selection.

According to Vince Goodwill, Gillian Hayes could miss 4 to 6 weeks with label tears on her hips. “Surgery is an option, sources say, and if Hayes enters the pool table, he could miss the rest of the season.

So, Gillian Hayes faces a difficult dilemma for a young player who is eager to make it after a failed start to the season. Either, he tries to heal himself calmly, and then goes into the hands of a surgeon who is at high risk for rehab, rebirth, or he takes the risk of not playing again this season.

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But in the end, what if a long absence is bad for the good? After 7 meetings, it became clear that the French leader was not completely ready to seize an NBA right. By performing the operation, he will have a year to learn the ropes, watch the game carefully and gain muscle …

The ball will eventually be on the player’s court to make this decision. Quick idea to accumulate experience? Or is it a white season to take time to adapt to NBA life? Cornelian choice.

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