Theo Epstein will join the commissioner’s office

Theo Epstein will join the commissioner's office

Theo Epstein, former head of Chicago Cubs baseball operations, is expected to join the MLP commissioner’s office, and the announcement will be made today, according to several sources.

Depending on what is understood, the role of the consultant in the field will be in his activity. It remains to be seen whether this is a step towards a bigger role with Major League Baseball or whether it will prove to be a long-term activity.

At the very least, it will keep him away from the baseball game for too long.

When Epstein resigned, many immediately linked him to the Philadelphia Philistines, who were replaced by Dave Domprovsky.

He led the Epstein Cups for nine seasons from the 2011 campaign to November 2020. Among other things, he is an architect who rescued children from a 108-year famine when they won the 2016 World Series.

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Sebastian Ferrard

He has been interested in baseball since the age of nine, i.e. for more than 20 years, he loves everything associated with the biggest American hobbies. So he is very happy to analyze the actions and deeds of the players in MLP.

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