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ITR sold for 10 million, Canon EOS M50 Mark II can do this for you

Photo tool Lack of glass Congratulations to Canon EOS M50 Mark II fans Photography In Indonesia. Photo tool Lack of glass It is designed in a small and easy to use format aimed at photography enthusiasts, as well as videography for their needs. Social media content Like YouTube.

Powered by Digic 8 processor and 24.1 MP ABS-C CMOS sensor, this camera is capable of recording 4K resolution video with detailed image quality and clear colors. except that, DSC, M50 Mark2 The dual pixel CMOS AF and Eye Detection AF technology has been updated, so there is more focus on speed and accuracy in this regard. (read more: Canon EOS 850D, entry-level DSLR camera with numerous semi-pro features )

“Easy to use and versatile, the Canon EOS M50 II gives users the freedom to create beautiful photos and 4K quality videos. With video features and features Live broadcast It has been upgraded so that users can upload and share video content quickly and easily Walkway Social media is available anytime, anywhere, ”said Monica Aryacettiavan, Director, Canon Business. BT Database , Thursday (7/1/2020).

ITR sold for 10 million, Canon EOS M50 Mark II can do this for you

Capturing active kids is a challenge to focus on in this regard and capture moments from friends while playing football. Fast moving subjects find it difficult to get sharp images.

The successor to the Canon EOS M50 is equipped with an advanced eye detection AF feature. So the camera can easily and quickly detect and focus even at great distances on the eyes and faces of your subjects. The eye detection AF feature can be used in servo AF mode to take photos and in movie servo AF mode when recording video so that the natural expression of the subject can be captured even in moving conditions.

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Monica explained that when shooting at the Canon EOS M50 Mark II LiveView, the service was 7.4 fps following AF mode and 10 fps in one-shot AF mode. It allows users to shoot fast moving subjects. “For example, children or pets playing in the park can move accurately without worrying about missing this moment,” he says.

ITR sold for 10 million, Canon EOS M50 Mark II can do this for you

This camera has an enhanced AF frame display on the EVF or LCD screen. As a result, the Canon EOS M50 Mark II is fast and smooth in tracking the center of the object without experiencing screen interruptions. This device is also the first EOS camera to make full use of it Touch sensitive display With the new palette AF feature, users can instantly focus on one another by tapping the screen, which is very useful when doing group shots. This is an additional feature of the Touch & Track AF, where users can move the AF frame by dragging their finger across the screen while shooting via EVF.

Camera shaking is unavoidable when shooting video while holding the camera while walking. The Movie Digital IS on the EOS M50 Mark II also helps reduce shaking for more stable displays. With the enhanced AF contrast algorithm in this camera, users can also enjoy AF stability while shooting 4K video, and the movie recording is smooth and vibrating even when recording without using tripod / hand grip only.

Monica said that users can creatively create beautiful slow motion videos with high frame rates in HD resolutions up to 120b or timeless videos with 4K quality. The Canon EOS M50 Mark II also features Movie Digital Zoom technology (approximately 3-10x) in the center of the screen during the shooting process, which can be combined with optical zoom on the zoom lens for closer shooting.

ITR sold for 10 million, Canon EOS M50 Mark II can do this for you

This camera has a vertical / portrait video recording system to make it easier for users to create content on social media like Instagram. This vertical recording mode can be activated through the “Add Rotate Information” option, which brings the video playback vertically when enabled on compatible smartphones, tablets, PCs and social media.

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Integrated with the Canon EOS M50 Mark II EOS webcam application. This allows users to create this camera as a webcam and make it easier to set up the camera when connected to a PC / laptop device.

“The battery life of this camera has been increased 70 times more than the previous series. Thus, users can take up to 305 times photos with a single battery charge,” he said. (read more: Some zodiac signs will experience career advancement in 2021, are you included? )

Concluding the conversation, Monica said B.T. is the only distributor of Canon digital imaging products in the country. Datascript for Canon EOS M50 Mark II (body) IDR 10.5 million, Canon EOS M50 Mark II Kit for 15-45mm ISTM IDR 12 million, Canon EOS M50 Mark II Kit 15-45mm IS STM / 55-200mm IS STM IDR 15. Costs millions.


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