Congress officially appoints Pita as president, promising to properly transfer power to Trump

Congress officially appoints Pita as president, promising to properly transfer power to Trump

Earlier in the day, Capitol was seen as an “attack on democracy.” Storm Worldwide. A crowd of Trump supporters entered the building in an attempt to disrupt the approval ceremony. Storms marched on Capitol after Trump’s loud speech near the parliament building.

Protesters attacked the offices of Congressmen and politicians fled. Over time, the building became Wipe clean By the security forces. Four people were killed in the clash, one of them from a bullet fired by security forces. Dozens of people were arrested and at least fourteen Washington DC police officers were injured.

‘Let’s get back to work’

Nearly six hours after the attack, the suspended session of Congress resumed. “Let’s get back to work,” said Vice President Pence, who chaired the session. Many Republican politicians who announced in advance to oppose the election results, Those objections were dropped.

In the end, Benz announced that he had received 306 votes for Beden and 232 for Trump, which had already distributed the election votes as it became clear. He failed to congratulate the winner of the election.

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