A real winter weekend awaits us

A real winter weekend awaits us

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 7:58 pm – Since mid-December, temperatures have been higher than seasonal norms. This weekend, the province will return to true seasonal cooling.

In short

  • Normal temperature for a month;
  • Unfavorable environment for cold waves;
  • Twist: Winter cold feeling in sight.

A rare occurrence

Meteorology Since the onset of winter, Quebec has experienced higher than normal temperatures. In fact, since mid-December, there has been no cold eruption. In addition, the nights are much lighter than usual. Wednesday rarely drops below -20 below C. In the metropolitan area, at least this value is not reached.

-20 Dec

Well established trend

The first half of January will take place under a mild regime. On average, in Montreal, there are eight nights below -20 below C. But it is not only the metropolitan area that is experiencing a cold shortage. In Saguna and September-Îles, below -20 below C is very rare. These regions, however, are expected to experience nearly twenty in January.

-20 Jan

Very different weekend

For the first time since mid-December, mercury will drop near seasonal values. Daytime high in Montreal -7 C.

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