You are not welcome here, Donald.  Trump will not play golf in Scotland

You are not welcome here, Donald. Trump will not play golf in Scotland

Sturgeons asked at a press conference about unconfirmed media speculation that Donald Trump may have planned to visit his golf course in Scotland at the inauguration of newly elected President Joe Biden on January 20.

White House spokeswoman Kaylee McNani denied the allegations on Tuesday. “President Trump has no plans to go to Scotland.” Quotes McNani’s American CNN Scottish Daily Sunday Post Said Brestwick Airport, located near Trump’s Turnbury Golf Resort, opened on January 19 in the U.S. The military expects the Boeing 757, which Trump has used several times.

The Scottish government announced on Monday that much of the country would remain in a tight lockout in late January due to the worsening epidemic situation in the UK. The English can now leave their homes only if they buy basic necessities, go to the doctor, or receive training (in another person’s company) or care for someone who may be vulnerable.

At a press conference to tighten measures, there were also speculations about Donald Trump’s trip to Scotland. “I don’t know what Donald Trump’s travel plans are.” Quotes Sturgeon’s BBC. “As everyone expects, I hope President Trump’s next trip is to leave the White House. Other than that, I do not know anything about it,” he said.

“Currently, we do not allow people to enter Scotland without giving a serious reason. It applies to him (Trump) and anyone else,” Sturgeon added. “Playing golf is not something I should take seriously.”

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