LeBron reacts as the police officer wipes out Jacob Blake with bullets

Jacob Blake s'est fait tirer dessus 7 fois par la police

Several weeks after the unfortunate scene, a verdict was handed down in the Jacob Blake case, which provoked the NBA. Faced with the latter, the accused police officer was acquitted, and LeBron James and several members of the League expressed their understanding.

In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, the video shocked the public. In the context of the ultimate tension and distrust of U.S. police, the scenes of a law enforcement officer shooting a black man in the back for whatever reason sparked a widespread uprising across the Atlantic.

Jacob Blake, the victim of these scenes, Particularly moved the personalities of the NBA, Who at this time actively fought against the apparently discriminatory act. Blake and his family have been waiting impatiently for the verdict in this case and expect economic sanctions against the police officers involved.

This Tuesday, Michael Growley, the attorney in charge of the case, finally announced that he would not take legal action “based on facts and laws in force.” A judgment that does not taste LeBron James. So the latter responded to Rapper Common’s message on Twitter.

Common: “An unjust law is not a law by any means.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

LeBron James: Not always !!! . 🤦🏾♂️

As a reminder, The king particularly touched on this issue during its revelation, And Orlando spoke strong words when it triggered the bubble. His reaction apparently did not appear in the NBA landscape. Wes Matthews, his new teammate at Laker, expressed his disappointment, among others.

Wes Mathews said there were no arrests or charges in the Jacob Blake case: “It’s sad. In fact, it is sad. “

Bucks, who began boycotting the games at the end of the season following the birth of this soap opera Jacob Blake, wrote a statement condemning the excessive force on their part again. Finally, many league coaches like Steve Nash and Tyrone Lou were questioned on the matter overnight.

Steve Nash says hearing the news about Jacob Blake is “really disappointing.” “I feel sorry for his family and his community. “

Die Lou about possible discussions within the team about the Jacob Blake affair: “We don’t get a chance to discuss this நாங்கள் We’ll talk when we have the whole team.” Available. “

More than 4 months into the facts, the Jacob Blake affair has once again plunged the NBA into turmoil following a ruling that was deemed inadequate. So the fight for justice for LeBron James and the League did not work out in their favor.

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