How To Lock Private Chat On WhatsApp? Find out what the secret is

How To Lock Private Chat On WhatsApp?  Find out what the secret is

Nowadays we use WhatsApp which is an instant messaging application. WhatsApp is also used to chat with friends, family or girlfriend male friends. In it we also share personal things. There are so many people on WhatsApp that you don’t want to read anyone’s chat. If someone accidentally opens WhatsApp, there is a fear that someone will read your private chat. But, now you do not have to worry, today we tell you a trick so that you can lock a specific chat.

For this you need to download WhatsApp Chat Locker app from Google Play Store. You can lock chats of one or more people by entering your password in this application. Learn how this application works.
How To Lock A Single WhatsApp Chat

  • First download the WhatsApp Chat Locker app from the Google Play Store.
  • After installing and opening this app, a new page will open.
  • You will have the option to set a password as soon as you open the page Now set any password and click OK.
  • Now another page will open. At the bottom of the page, you will see a + sign, click on it.
  • Now tap Lock WhatsApp Chats on New Page.
  • You will receive a password protection message. Click OK on it. Now go to the phone settings access option and run the app.
  • Go back to the app and click the + icon and tap Lock WhatsApp Chats. Now you get a new message. OK him. Once you click OK, your WhatsApp will open.
  • Now tap on the contact you want to lock in your WhatsApp. You will receive a dialog lock message. Your chat is now locked and no one else can open it.
  • To open the chat, you need to go to the application and enter the password. You will see the name of the locked chat. You will get the unlock message as soon as you tap it. Click OK on it
  • Now tap OK to open the chat. Anyone can watch.

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