NASA’s ridiculous rover concept can tackle any terrain – PGR

NASA's ridiculous rover concept can tackle any terrain - PGR
  • NASA showed one of its incredible rover ideas.
  • The rover is called a dual axle, which is actually two rovers in one with a base station.
  • The rovers can separate and anchor themselves, allowing them to explore areas that can be safely reached from each other.

NASA’s diligent rover is currently on its way to Mars. The high-tech engine is more capable than any other robot NASA has sent to the Red Planet to date, but it is actually very similar to other rovers in Curiosity, Opportunity and NASA history. It is a mobile platform for science, and it was not built for the worst terrain to offer to Mars.

But in the future, Rovers may actually be able to do more interesting research, and New Rover concept called Duaxel A view of the future of planetary exploration. This is very bold.

Duaxel, as its name implies, is the most traditional, earth-like vehicle design with four wheels rather than the most common six-wheel drive in NASA’s rover designs. It may initially seem less efficient than its counterparts, but Duaxel has many tricks up its sleeve that will make it an incredible machine for exploring other planets.

You find that there is a secret in the rover: Duaxel is actually two rovers in one. It is a pair of two-wheeled rovers attached together. Both small rovers are called axles – hence the duoxel naming scheme – and it allows the rover (s) to split and investigate various hard areas. A rover and a hub unit act as an anchor, and the two-wheel axle boat conducts investigations on deep slopes or dangerous areas.

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If the boat explores and gets into trouble, a tether attached to each axle can be used as an escape rope to help it return to the anchored unit. When examining axle rovers they provide tether power. This is a very clever design, and it will allow you to explore and explore some of the most remote parts of Mars, the Moon or other planets.

NASA recently tested the rover on some extreme terrain on Earth, demonstrating its ability to measure steep, rocky slopes and easily accomplishing scientific objectives.

“Duaxel has excelled in this field, successfully demonstrating its ability to access a challenging terrain, anchor and then open its attached axle rover,” Isa Nesnas of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement. “Axel then arbitrarily maneuvered on steep and rocky slopes, using its tools without the need for a robotic arm. Duaxel opens up access to more intense terrain on planetary bodies such as the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter’s moon Europa.”

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