“The arts bring a lot of people to life”

"The arts bring a lot of people to life"
Director Claire Denis, January 3, at her home in Paris.

With Claire Denise, cinema news never seems to be isolated from others. We suspected it shortly before we met the director who grew up in Cameroon and traveled around the world, when he was an assistant to Wim Wenders, USA Paris, Texas (1984) then Wings of desire (1987). He worked with Jax Rivet (1928-2016), who in a way encouraged him to produce his first films. Today, at the age of 70, the filmmaker is the author of fourteen films, the last of which is Fever and Fantastic. High life . March 2020, a virus rocked the planet? Yes, she tells us. She was shocked.

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The Weekend says he was in a “bubble” when he had to make an urgent return from Los Angeles in mid-March while filming a movie with Canadian singer Abel McConnell Desfey. “I was with photography director Agnes Goddard and my assistant. Air France called me at the hotel on Sunday morning saying that three seats had been reserved for us on the last flight to Paris … On the flight, champagne was running freely and we thought the prison would not last long. I will always remember when we came to Rosie, completely empty. “ Claire Denise pauses and adds: “At the same time, on March 16, the shooting Batman With Robert Pattinson under Matt Reeves, Kovid abruptly left the team due to – he did not start again until September 2020. Pattinson was trapped in London, which was a nightmare. “

The director counts the months: Pattinson is set to star in his next film Afternoon stars, With Margaret Quali, but when will it be available? Can filming go as planned in Nicaragua?

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Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. So Claire Denise spends the spring of 2020 at her Parisian apartment, where she welcomes us, Saturday, January 2, at the end of the day, as an aperitif of Cambodian herbal tea. “During my imprisonment, I spent a lot of time in the courtyard of the building. The kids were playing, we went to the gym with the neighbors and we celebrated my birthday. There was something as scary as science fiction. But there were also leaves growing on the trees… I told myself not to be afraid. “

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