Jamf se félicite de gérer plus de 20 millions d’appareils Apple

Jomph manages more than 20 million Apple devices in the company

With 47,000 companies, Jamp is proud to now manage more than 20 million Apple devices worldwide. As a reminder, JAMF is a publisher that provides solutions for companies to use Apple devices.

Jamp is proud to manage more than 20 million Apple devices

Jamp says it will add four million new Apple devices and 11,000 corporate customers by 2020 alone. The company now operates 24 of the top 25 most profitable businesses. Based on the Forbes ranking of the top 25 most profitable technology companies.

“In 2015, Jamp was 13 years old and managed less than four million devices for 5,000 customers.”, Indicated Publisher in a press release. He notes that five years ago a large number of companies applied to work with Apple products. The team had a target of 20 million devices by the end of 2020 and the mission was successfully completed. “Thanks to our work to help companies succeed with Apple, we are proud to take this step.”, Explains Jomph’s boss, Dean Hager.

Jamp says it has 10 of the largest U.S. banks among its customers. The publisher also has the 10 largest universities in the world. We are pleased to have 16 and 7 Fortune 500 technology companies in the top 20 US hospitals.

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