Deputy de la Rodier, led by Arcep? According to Neil, “Apprentice”

Xavier Niel, fondateur de l

“It’s ridiculous to match” If the sub Lore de la Rowdyar Appointed by the President to head the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (RCF), which was criticized on Monday Xavier Neil, Founder of Operator Free.

According to the daily Echoes, Emmanuel Macron “To propose” To appoint Eure-et-Lower (Akir) Member of Parliament as Chairman of Telecom Genderme for the victory of Sebastian Soriano which ended in early January. Unconfirmed reports from the Elysee Palace on Monday evening. Accredited expert in digital and telecommunications, “Very talented, who knows the field well” With the personal consent of Xavier Neil, Laura de la Roudier, 55, spent a portion of his career in various management positions at Telecom-Orange in France between 1990 and 2001. “I am very surprised to have been appointed head of an independent authority for 15 years at the Orange Company.”, Xavier criticized Neil in an interview with PFM Business this Monday evening.


“It can only be a rumor, I do not think it’s fair. We need a man or woman who knows telecommunications and Laure de la Rodier, but who does not work in this field.”, Attacked the head of Iliad, the parent company of Operator Free. “Competition operates in France because we have an independent authority that has been working for 20 years. It would be inappropriate for me to have a government, a president or a prime minister making such a decision.”, He still lamented.

By law, Arcep’s president is appointed by the president on the prime minister’s proposal. To confirm, the appointment must then be approved by the National Assembly’s Economic Affairs Committee – of which Ms. de la Roudier is a member – and its equivalent in the Senate. This decision cannot be contradicted if the deputy is appointed head of the archbishop “The end of the prince is the end of the prince, how is it”, Said Xavier Jill. “If this rumor proves to be true, I say it will be different for the competition in this country. I don’t think it can be true, it’s huge.” He insisted.

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