NASA reveals the most beautiful photos of the Earth taken from the ISS in 2020

Every year, astronauts on the International Space Station take thousands of pictures of Earth. At NASA’s request, members of the Johnson Space Center in Houston’s Earth Sciences and Remote Sensing division voted for their 2020 favorites. The American space agency recently uploaded a video that brings together one of their 20 most beautiful videos. Shot from the blue planet.

This video NASA We will discover incredible and breathtaking views of our planet, be it natural landscapes or highly urbanized areas. One can only appreciate the splendor of photographs of the islands of Corsica and Sardinia, the coral reefs of the Gulf of Moindo in New Caledonia or the night time photographs of Paris. We have selected a few to convince you. Our choices are here:

A chair flies over Cyprus

[© NASA]

PARIS, the city of lights, is immortalized on the night of November


[© NASA]

Disabled from North American Big Lake Ice Winter


[© NASA]

Coral reefs and marshes are the real treasures of Mino Bay in New Caledonia


[© NASA]

Strange night light or sky light in English, visible in the Indian Ocean


[© NASA]

In Australia, the Cooper Creek River flows through the desert


[© NASA]

Green blue water in the Caribbean Bay of Cuba and the Bahamas


[© NASA]

Cloud Attack in Kahoon Sahara


[© NASA]

Corsica and Sardinia are processed by the reflection of the sun in the Mediterranean


[© NASA]

OTTAWA, the capital of Canada, is adorned with its fall colors


[© NASA]

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