English woman and her two continents, Hollywood and theater

English woman and her two continents, Hollywood and theater

Surrounded by Clark Cable (left) and director George Kukor (right), Circa 1939

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The legendary actress, whose Hollywood career began with a happy coincidence, or almost, Vivian Lay (1913-1967) has many of the traits shared by the highest female pride in American cinema: striking beauty (which casts a shadow over its dramatic merits), emotions, alcohol refuge, Mental illness. This journey of a life and a life, in a classic form is not always deep enough, but in the archives, the documentary is full Vivian Lay, Con with the Wind, Author Priscilla Picado – The title refers to the 1939 film that made him instantly popular.

Vivian (you Vivian) Lay, from a wealthy family who are not fashionable enough to tread on theatrical levels, however, will show her determination by doing the work she has always done since her childhood. Dream, even though her well-born first husband says he loves her“Actress Stories”

The young woman goes to the theater a lot, sees the young man first, and Lawrence Oliver (1907-1989), who promises to marry him one day to those who want to hear it – she will do it. Meanwhile, she becomes his playmate and starts an emotional affair, but is controlled by the fact that everyone is married by his side.

Insane moment

He joined “Larry” in Hollywood in 1938, and starred in the film set David O. Brought by Brother Celsnik. Went with the wind, It all started when the actress had not yet found a producer in the role of Scarlett O’Hara. Teams of actresses and a few stars tried it, but Vivian Lay succeeds, despite George Kukor (who will soon retire from filming instead of Victor Fleming) mocking his English accent …

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If Vivian Lay had international fame for her films, her primary interest would be in the theater, where she would continue to exercise throughout her life. By the way, the other big peak of Lane filmmaking, Tram of Desire (1951), written by second Oscar winner Elijah Kazan, was originally a play by Tennessee Williams, invented by Marlon Brando in London, before he could play it himself, and then shoot the film with D ‘.

The documentary recalls that Vivian Lay will also perform on the musical instruments of David Shaw, Lee Fokris and Anne Crosswell. Doverich (1963), a moderate success on Broadway but it won him a Tony Award. During a show, he kicks his partner and is quiet for a while.

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