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Xiaomi Mi 11 iPhone 12 Pro Max Challenges WiFi Speed ​​Test Who can make the best speed with Mi Router AX6000, this is a router model that comes with WiFi 6E standard

Xiaomi 11 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Wi-Fi 6E Speed ​​Test

The Mi Router AX6000 is a router with a maximum bandwidth of 800 Mbps, and this test puts the router in the middle of a large football field. The Wi-Fi Speed ​​Test from each smartphone is at the same distance from the router and each circuit has a different distance and angle from the router.

In the first round, both the smartphones are located at a distance of 53 meters from the router, the maximum download speed of the Mi 11 model is 774 Mbps, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max reaches 415 Mbps.

In the second round, both smartphones are located 114 meters away from the router, with the maximum download speed of the Mi 11 model being 659 Mbps, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max 358 Mbps.

In the third round, the two smartphones are 161 meters away from the router and in the corner above the Grandstand seats, the Mi 11 model reaches a maximum download speed of 511 Mbps, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 241 Mbps speed can be done

Xiaomi 11 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Wi-Fi 6E Speed ​​Test

However, to express the idea of ​​speed in front of friends, I must first say that this is not a scientific or practical test because in theory the router WiFi 6 e It is now compatible with the Mi 11, which uses the latest Qualcomm X60 modem and, above all, supports the Fast Connect 6900 6GHz band, which is one of the essentials for Wi-Fi 6E.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max uses the old Qualcomm X55 modem and comes with the FastConnect 6800, which is faster than the new Qualcomm X60.

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