Sunday evening on TV …

Sunday evening on TV ...

In your Sunday evening show, a thriller, a romantic comedy, a Loloch classic and Artist, 5 Oscars.

TF1 Aired to 21 h05 Without identification Written by Jam Colette Serra (2011) with Liam Neeson and Diane Krueger.

In Berlin, for an conference, an American was killed in an accident. When they woke up from his coma, he realized that his wife did not recognize him …

Old-fashioned spy film with Hitchcock overview.

8.50pm at Art, An adaptation Pride and prejudice Jane Austen by Joe Wright with Keira Knightley.

In 18th century England, the youngest of the 5 daughters married, the wise Elizabeth Bennett observes each other’s intrigues and denies the rules of social play.

The novelist’s restoration of the universe with elegance.

Claude Loloch’s comedy 9:05 pm on C8 Happy New Year With Lino Ventura and Franசois Fabian.

In Cannes, 1966, on the verge of emptying a jeweler’s treasures, a thug falls in love with an antique dealer …

Popular entertainment that owes a lot to the presence of Lino Ventura

Finally, Sur 6 der, To see or see the film at 5 Oscars including Trifecta (film-director-actor). Artist Presented by Michael Hasanavicius (2011) with Jean Dujardin and Bernice Bezo

In 1927, an actor, the star of silent cinema, sank into oblivion with the arrival of the speaker and witnessed an ex-inevitable rise to prominence.

A nostalgic comedy that was a huge success.

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