Security forces have announced the arrest of a number of snipers on New Year’s Day

Security forces have announced the arrest of a number of snipers on New Year's Day

The Directorate General of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division released the following communications:
Despite repeated warnings and awareness campaigns by the Internal Security Forces and associated associations to persuade air shooters to abandon this immoral and uncultured event, some of them are innocent victims of their actions, regardless of the crimes they have committed and the tragedies they cause to their families. These victims are tapping into the laws that criminalize shooting.
During the New Year celebrations, videos of large-scale shootings in various Lebanese regions were circulated on social media.

Through investigations and inquiries, a special team of the Judicial Police Division was able to find 3 of them and arrest them on 1 and 2-1-2021, which are:

– s. R. (Born 1996, Lebanon) He was arrested in the southern suburbs – around Al-Amrusia.
C. M. (Born 1998, Lebanon) Deer Tokaya – Arrested in Tire.
– F. a. (Born 1993, Lebanon), I was arrested in Jade-Akkar.

One of them opened fire from a handgun in the air, in an area exposed to Rafiq Hariri International Airport.

The arrested persons, along with the confiscated items, deposited the relevant pieces to meet the legal requirement against them on the basis of the competent judicial reference.

The Directorate confirms that work is underway to arrest those involved. It calls on citizens to send documented information (photo or video) about the perpetrators of the shootings, believing their essential role in cooperating with it, either through the reporting service on the Homeland Security Force website or through its pages on social media, indicating that the names of those who sent the information remain confidential. “

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