Charcoal’s fake murderous quote about LeBron goes viral

LeBron James trashtalke Stephen Curry lors du Game 6 des Finales 2016 opposant les Cleveland Cavaliers aux Golden State Warriors

In the age of social networking, anything can go fast, very fast, very fast. Evidence with the false quote of LeBron James’ Steph Curry who has deceived tens of thousands of internet users in recent hours!

The NBA season has not started again, but the popular “NBA Twitter” is already in big format. For weeks now, false quotes have surfaced, wrapped in an aesthetic reminiscent of ESPN montages. The first victim was Paul George, who said a phrase was so clearly fake that it was obviously not taken seriously.

But there you have it, a Joker started again in a very subtle way by putting the trick in his mouth again Step curry A harsh criticism against LeBron James. The questionable tweet below is here:

I think it’s ridiculous that people want to invalidate my life after 5 normal games. All of my rings were won against one player who is considered the greatest in history. If I was more expensive, what would he be?

Apparently, the leader of the Warriors never, oh never made comments like this.

The problem is the incredible impact of this tweet. At the time of writing, he has garnered more than 15,000 retweets and 65,000 likes, and has sparked a heated debate in the comments section among Internet users who believe this is a true quote from MVP 2016.

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Opportunity to remember that you should always be aware of what is being said on social networks, and trust the sources of reliable information. Steph Curry will not tell you the opposite after this chapter …

Of course, at the tough start of the Warriors season, the chef did not choose to throw a stone in the pool with a firecracker: everything comes out of the imagination of these tweetos. Well done Twitos …

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