Viral Video |  A moving woman's reaction to getting Harry Potter books in Braille |  Viral

Viral Video | A moving woman’s reaction to getting Harry Potter books in Braille | Viral

There is no better gift than the one given with the heart. This is a lesson On Instagram, America shows the reaction of a visually impaired woman when she opens one of her gifts : Book Collection In Braille form, the little girl was able to get something she wanted and thanks to her aunt for the generosity of the people on the internet.

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In user-recorded and shared images The moment when little Emry begins to open one of his Christmas presents is noticed, while his family does not stop encouraging him. When he removed the packaging, he realized that they were books, though not imagining the surprise that awaited him.

As she runs her fingers through the Braille text on the pages, the protagonist He could not hide his joy at discovering that they were a collection of Harry Potter books, Thanks to the money he raised from good-hearted people in an online campaign he ran his mother’s sister was able to buy for him.

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made this Christmas extra special for my daughter-in-law Emry! As you can see, she’s excited about not being able to read Harry Potter books automatically! “The woman wrote in the description Ann A gift that includes every book in the history of the young witch.

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According to your states Amy’s aunt said she was able to get expensive copies of Braille books after people showed interest. It opened Collect the necessary funds to get them and give him a gift You will never forget it in your life.

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