In light of the tension .. Egyptian planes flying over the Nile

At a time It failed in meetings Today, Tuesday, in Kinshasa, between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia reached the final report on the renaissance dam, which is controversial despite being extended for a second day. The Facebook page of the Egyptian Armed Forces posted a video of some of the features of the maneuvers, “Nile Eagles – 2” between the Egyptian and Sudanese forces.

Clip shows Egyptian “MiG-29” fighter jet and Sudan FDC-2000 fighter Over the NileThe second time, after similar maneuvers, was attempted under the name “Eagles of the Nile – 1”.

The development comes just hours after Egyptian Foreign Minister Same Shoukri confirmed that no progress had been made in today’s round, and that Ethiopia was at odds despite the flexibility shown by Cairo and Khartoum.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement that Ethiopia had rejected all plans and alternatives put forward by Egypt, revealing that the Ethiopian position had no political will to negotiate.

He added in a statement that the Ethiopian side was conflicted and refused to return to talks, which is an obstacle that could complicate the renaissance dam crisis and increase tensions in the region.

He clarified that Ethiopia had rejected the proposal submitted by Sudan and that Egypt had supported the creation of an international quartet led by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which had not made any progress and did not lead to an agreement to resume talks. , President of the African Union, to mediate between the three countries. The other is proposed by the two countries to improve the negotiation process, engaging the negotiating states and parties as active observers, and proposing solutions to the conduct of negotiations and controversial technical and legal issues.

Sudan: Ethiopia imposes a false record

In turn, Sudanese Foreign Minister Mariam al-Sadiq al-Mahdi criticized the stubborn Ethiopian stance on al-Arabia, saying it violates international law by imposing a pragmatic policy on the file.

He added that Addis Ababa should look after the interests of the 250 million people who depend on the Nile. He appealed to the President of the Congo to end these closed talks.

In addition, he stressed the integration of Egyptian and Sudanese positions.

It is noteworthy that in the hope that the representatives of the three countries will meet in the Congolese capital from Sunday evening and break the stalemate in the negotiations on this project, Addis Ababa considers it important and vital for its economic growth and power generation.

While Egypt fears that the dam will harm its Nile water supply, Sudan is concerned about the safety of the dam and the flow of water through dams and water stations on its land.

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