The second woman claims to be in a relationship with him

The second woman claims to be in a relationship with him

Aligo Tangot is more successful with women than you think. December 31, 2020, Bee Lewis, Admitted to having an affair with an African-American Nigerian businessman. “I dated the richest black man in the world. He broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I learned more from him than any other person I have ever met. Communicating with a millionaire every day makes you see the world differently from your humble start in Liberty City. I was very organized… ” Wrote the 33-year-old fromAtlanta On his Instagram account.

Photo of Aligo Tangotta allegedly lying on a sofa

After this revelation which caused a lot of talk on social networks, another woman came out of the shadows to tell her story with the Nigerian millionaire and deny the story of Bee Lewis. To the one who reveals himself under the sign @ Allround 1 On Instagram, the richest black man in the world is dating her, denying that she has anything to do with an African American.

To convince his fans that he was with the millionaire, he shared a video of him sleeping in an apartment, but no one could clearly see the businessman’s face. According to Buzzomax, An entertainment site, ala invited Around 1B Louise to have a good time with her as she shared her life with Mrs. Tangot.

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