Simple and immediate explanation of the existence of Dijo Wu

Simple and immediate explanation of the existence of Dijo Wu

Without any doubt A “dijo wu” is something incredibly strange and confusing: The feeling of having already experienced or seen a particular action or scene. There are many interpretations of this phenomenon, the most cautious and reasonable theories being guided by the first scientific explanation of the occult that has not always existed.

In the past of researchers to test the effect of Dijo Wu – not to be confused Dijo Rao, or updating a scene you already dreamed of – to Sims used virtual maps made in a video game, Allows study participants to explore. Some maps had the same basic layout, but with different skins (you can see what we are talking about at the bottom of the messages). As participants walked around the environments they had previously passed through, with the same floor plan but with different objects, They are more likely to report Dijo Wu sentiment.

However, in a video, the famous Karan Raj, Diktok’s doctor, explained one of the theories about this phenomenon. In short, it is “a stumbling block in your brain”, Explains in the video (which you will see at the bottom of the message). “When a new memory that needs to be stored in short-term memory is accidentally stored in long-term memory, it appears that it has already happened because our brain tells us that it is an old memory.“.

Apparently there are a lot of theories about Dijo Wu, most of which involve “brain memory error”. There is no definitive answer, but it is certainly not supernatural and cannot be explained.

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