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Every day in june (crédit Claire Huteau)

Where does your interest in music come from, and what is your background?
I started music as an autodidact by learning many instruments (guitar, drums, piano, saxophone and flute) and then trained late in music theory to study orchestration and composition at the Paris Conservatory. This allowed me to develop my interest in sound in general, whether it came from acoustics or electronic equipment.

Can you give us your first album that you are producing and what will its universe be like?
The album designs electronic tracks, with contrasting effects, the warm sound of the forest (saxophones / flute / bass clarinet), intense combinations of analog keyboards and electronic “triturages” that plan the merging of the universes far and wide.

Under what conditions do you write, and what are the sources of inspiration?
The music for the first album of this new project is precisely the collection of music that nourished my musical imagination: from the so-called intellectuals to the written music (Baroque / Classical / Romantic / Contemporary), although this last word is absurd, to electronic music. By African-American music or popular music.

How do English and African-American music affect your songs?
The first electronic sounds I heard came from Bristol and London with artists like Massive Attack, Apex Twin, Boards of Canada, Fordet … I also read a lot, played music from the soul, funk, groove and jazz. I believe that my music today integrates with everything I enjoyed listening to myself.

What are your choices of the tools you use?
In Every day in June, I can have a lot of fun reading a tool like socks or flute, and then start and damage with electronic loops thanks to the effects and machines I use.

Tell me about the single Wall to wall And its clip …
Title Wall to wall Refers to a technique we see most often in the electro: stacking sounds. We can hear a sound guitar and a harp with a chord (the lute and voices were played by the very unique Laura Berrud) and analog collections. Drums are electro, but the gaps are jazz models … one of two different sounds!
On the video page, we saw a very warm fit of young skaters in a seaside village, where I spent most of my vacation.

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