Vikings: Kirk Douglas hated too much about the film – narrator statement

Vikings: Kirk Douglas hated too much about the film - narrator statement

Richard Fleischer’s “The Vikings” was one of the early adventures of producer Kirk Douglas, an actor who later became at the peak of his popularity. He decides to go to the Scandinavian Peninsula and leave the studios to shoot … will be sorry soon!

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After perfectionist Stanley Kubrick of The Paths to Glory and the difficulties he faced with the other five films he produced without meeting big success, Kirk Douglas decides to take matters into his own hands. He hired Richard Fleischer, who at the time was indebted to the greatest success of his career (20,000 leagues under the sea) and began his childhood dream: playing a Viking … Vikings!

But Seth, Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis are having a very bad time in the great cold that reigns in Norway, where part of the filming takes place. For his shots, Curtis is wearing only a skirt and tube, while Douglas is simply holding his hands so that both actors violently affect Fjord’s water and ambient air on the edge of the ice. This contrasts with shooting in air-conditioned studios where both stars are accustomed.

What’s even worse is that Kirk Douglas ’character walks on the outer edges of the tracker and balances above the sea. It’s as cool as possible, and despite the persuasion of trained stuntmen, the American actor insists on directing the scene. After several successful passages, he falls into the icy water! He was quickly ejected by the ship carrying the camera, and then, voluntarily, joined the tracker shoot … swimming!

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Paddle display!

Settled as an actor is not satisfied with performing physical strength, producer Kirk Douglas recovers his expenses Vikings Is a hit in theaters, it often pays back its budget and has a total of over 3 million additions in France. A Comics Adapts from the film and sees even daylight, and the actor-producer will give his person, because he will even get a small promotion in Europe, as evidenced by this period interview:

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