Nancy is officially sold to a group of Sino-US investors, leaving Jack Russell “with a heavy heart” to leave his place in the Cuttack

Nancy is officially sold to a group of Sino-US investors, leaving Jack Russell "with a heavy heart" to leave his place in the Cuttack

L ‘A.S. Nancy-Lorraine Being sold. It is now official. Jack Russell Found a group of Chinese and American investors. ” This is similar to ASNL. I hope this buyer will give ASNL a chance to get Lig 1 back, and this will allow it to have more ambitious ambitions than I can give. “. Some belong to the group New city capital. During a press conference on Thursday, December 31, Lorraine’s former president also confirmed his arrival. கதியர் கணய் As president of the club. In detail, these investors Sien Lee, Partners Bath Capital, Pacific Media Group, Krishen Sut and Kutier Kany.

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He clarified that the federation was not funded in any way Investment finance. If the sale takes place and is signed this Thursday, its amount will not be released. However, it ” Way down than I expected “, Identify Roosevelt. « But we are in a new era », He mentions Govit-19 And the economic crisis of French football. ” New decision makers take the company as it is. »

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If he no longer has any official function, Jack Russell Ensuring change for the required time. ” I will try to bring my experience New manager and new partner pages. This will definitely happen like this, because you don’t come to a club overnight without knowing the whole club. Regarding his successor, கதியர் கணய், It’s a ” Quality guy “, Especially passed Lens, Under General Secretary Kervice Mortal, But by the way Awesome, As president.

End: “ I was always in the club bed because it was in me. I leave with a heavy heart, but with the assurance that the club will continue. This is important for me and all the staff-inspired jobs. For the last 2-3-4 months I have not slept day and night to find out what we are going to do. »

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