Google includes stories in its search results

Google includes stories in its search results

Videos from Dictoc and Instagram will now show up in Google search results.

After Twitter and Spatify, Google is leading the way in stories. Mountain View is actually testing the integration of short videos into the mobile version of its search engine. A spokesman for the US company confirmed Tech Crunch It is said that it is undergoing small scale tests but it is not yet expected that this innovation will be applied to all users in the coming days.

In fact, when searching on Google, a carousel of short videos from Dictoc or Instagram – along with popular reels – will appear in the results. The carousel appears only with a limited number of users and only in the mobile version of the search engine. Reels and Dictoc are a logical choice for Google as consumers are above all smartphones.

Last November, Google already tested installing another carousel videos from the YouTube operating system at this time. So the concept of video carousel in search results seems to be on the agenda within the US company. Eventually, it will end with a mix of videos from YouTube, Dictoc and Instagram.

The motive behind this innovation, which is still being tested, is obviously to keep as many web users as possible on Google. By selecting this or that story, the user will not be redirected to the mobile application of the social network, but to its web version. It remains to be seen when this new feature will be used and whether the concept will attract users.

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