Facebook introduces VAT in Kenya

Facebook introduces VAT in Kenya

American company Facebook will introduce the lines according to this 1There is April 2021 for Kenyan Advertisers.

(Cio Mac) – “As value-added tax (VAT) is implemented in Kenya, Facebook will have to charge VAT on selling ads to advertisers who do not advertise for commercial purposes in Kenya,” he explained. Presented by Mark Zuckerberg A Communication.

For this purpose, 16% VAT on advertising services purchased after 1 p.m.There is All advertisers who do not confirm that they are advertising for Kenya’s business country and business purposes will be charged April 2021. But not for those who have Facebook accounts that do not meet these criteria.

According to » Kenya: Influencers will pay taxes for digital services

“As VAT is added to the fees, you will not be able to reach your billing limit quickly, but you may be charged more than your billing threshold amount. Is used, ”the company explained.

In its advertising account systems, the company has a section for data subjects. Those who confirm that they are advertising for business purposes will not be included in VAT for purchasing Facebook ads.

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