Warriors Rookie Releases A Crazy Move à La Giannis!

Le rookie des Warriors sort un move fou à la Giannis ! NBA

At Golden State, Stephen Curry is not the only one to shine since the start of this season. This is also the case with James Wiseman, who continues to impress. He moved to La Gianni for his last match checked by Steve Kerr.

After starting the season with two big losses, the Warriors are tasting victories again. It was against the Bulls a few days ago and against the Pistons of Blake Griffin this Tuesday night. Step curry Perfectly assisted with 31 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists. A big match for the leader who will continue his rise in this new campaign.

Precisely, he was not the only one attracted. Kelly O’Brien Jr. is back The first three points of the season were the furious bench. Same idea with Andrew Wiggins, author of 27 units and 7 rebounds, 5/8 at three points. Steve Kerr had a good match for the men, assisted by James Wiseman.

According to statistics, Rookie has not released his best game. He ends with 6 points (3/9) and 6 restarts, but a difference of +23. This is explained by 6 errors in 22 minutes. However, the second choice of draft revealed some crazy moves Giannis Antetoga ounpo.

Blocking, rising ball and finally finishing towards the circle: This is a high class move that Wiseman has successfully done here. Evidence that it is possible. This comparison with Gianni was not accidental, as Steve Kerr confirmed the move:

“His action was very interesting in the transformation of La La Giannis.”

If James Wiseman continues to move in this direction, he could become a very special player. For now, the Warriors certainly will not regret drawing him.

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