Is the equipment ready to connect to public WiFi?

Is the equipment ready to connect to public WiFi?

What to consider when connecting to a public network

Connect one Red WiFi It can be a security issue if we do not take preventive measures at a restaurant, airport or shopping center. An attacker can create a malicious network for the purpose of stealing information. Now, we can reduce this problem if we take some safety measures into account.

Antivirus and security tools

One that can disappear without a doubt Connect to the Internet with total security We need to install programs that protect us. When we connect to a public WiFi network, we’ve been exposed to download malicious software and enter websites that can be modified for the purpose of storing malware.

We can avoid or reduce this if we have to Good antivirus Installed. This is something that should be compatible with all types of operating systems and devices we use. This way, you can detect threats and eliminate them before they become a problem.

In addition, a Firewall You can avoid unnecessary attachments. This is another tool that should be taken into account when connecting networks and especially those at risk.

The system needs to be updated

Of course, there is another major issue Updated equipment. There are many instances in which vulnerabilities arise, which can put our systems at risk. Hackers can use those security vulnerabilities to carry out their attacks.

If the operating system is updated and all the applications we have installed are installed, problems can be avoided. It is always convenient to have all the patches available for our devices.

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Use a VPN

Also, another way to find out if we are ready to connect to a public WiFi network is to see if we have a good one. VPN. This type of tool allows you to encrypt the Internet connection. Our information travels in a hidden tunnel from third parties who can access that data.

Having VPN service on our device we can say that it is basic and has no problems to connect with these types of networks. We have so many options because there are so many different types of applications.

Change the VPN

WiFi is not configured to connect automatically

In this case we are talking about a configuration with multiple operating systems that allow us to connect WiFi network automatically Once it is available. It will be interesting while traveling to get the connection as soon as the network is available. However, this is a security risk.

We can connect to unwanted public Wi-Fi, which puts the computer at risk. Therefore, it is convenient to avoid implementing this option.

Ultimately, connecting to a public wireless network can pose security risks to our computers. We leave you a complete tutorial Tips for using public wifi.

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