Critical light of my life: Patriarchate-Bocalips

Critical light of my life: Patriarchate-Bocalips

The light of my life connects with the intimacy of Casey Affleck, who returns the silent silence of the #MeToo movement to the beginning of a definite close post – apocalyptic film after Joaquin’s Phoenix’s false rest.

Casey Affleck, after allegations of sexual harassment, was very quiet during the #MeToo movement. A good m silence that the actor-director definitely wanted to turn into a movie with Light of My Life It follows the proximal nerve where it started I’m still here It staged his friend Joaquin Phoenix’s false rest in a parody form. So, even in the most brief appearances, no matter how basic, the name of Elizabeth Moss, the head of a feminist cinema, is not a coincidence to see credits. Being better at the characters of the slanderous women gradually regains power in the title of the series The Handmate’s Tale And Invisible man This year.

Critical light of my life: Patriarchate-Bocalips
© Condor Films


Because if Light of My Life is seen as a close and honest response to the #MeToo movement, Casey Affleck here expresses an elegant allegiance to her past mistakes in the curve of declaration of love for women. Thus the actor-director’s second film is light years away Son of man Raised on his poster, Casey Affleck’s film exposed her characters in a long conversation from its first minutes. The magic of Casey Affleck, the actor and narrator, also confronts the boundaries of a world here, which leaves no room for beautiful stories that highlight man as the savior of man.

Critical light of my life: Patriarchate-Bocalips
© Condor Films

The character of the protective father, encamped by the actor-director, does not have the shoulders to face the massive task that is upon him to protect and nurture his daughter. An epidemic that destroyed all women, The light of my life is thus more focused towards Steven Spielberg’s vision World War II His role as an American father faced the limits of his heroism. Other than here, it doesn’t require stylistic effects, special effects and technical camera movements borrowed in the same vein as the Apocalyptic film by adults like Alfonso Guaran, Steven Spielberg or John Hillcott. With Road, Thus avoiding The light of my life Huge and unnecessary comparisons Both Casey Affleck’s film chooses the path of burial And destruction.

Toxic male

The light of my life thus succeeds with small artifacts in depicting an honest father-daughter relationship, where the role of the Savior is too great for one man. Unfortunately in order to prevent him from escaping from a role he does not have the shoulders to carry, he can only compile his work with repetitive tasks. The willingness to set aside any scene of conflict, to deny secularism, to seek refuge in a sanctuary of religious punishments and its two strongest actors, to take us completely, Casey Affleck’s second film goes beyond him for a reason looking for forgiveness and loyalty, and the actor-director is a humble defender of the humble mind.

The light of my life wins over nothing but what an actor-director knows to paint his limits and a toxic patriarchy, behind the path of an apocalyptic film, a failed contemporary American hero. As Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds as the only leading person with virtual and feminist, the light of my life Thus succeeding in touching Fully its goal.

The Light of My Life was released in theaters on August 12 and is available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD from December 12.


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