The TV show is in crisis as the corona virus locking has been successful

The TV show is in crisis as the corona virus locking has been successful

The Black cast and crew are throwing upside down towards the corona virus lock in episodes airing this week.

The Tuesday episode, filmed on March 18, shows increasingly anxious contestants frequently addressing Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s nation around a television.

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Morrison announces an immediate ban on essential meetings of 100 or more people, but states construction sites are exempt.

Competitors sigh with relief. Little did they know that in a week’s time, in scenes not yet aired, the epidemic would force Prohibition Close.

Understanding the enormity of the production situation, Block Host Scott Game invites an emergency meeting to provide the pitch with competitors in an unprecedented manner.

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“I know how hard it is to be here Prohibition In this situation, especially for parents of young children, ”he says, many contestants begin to cry.

South Australian couple Daniel and Jade, Luke and Jasmine of WA and Jimmy and Tom of Queensland are all parents to young children who are being cared for again in their home states.

“I came up with an idea that could be more advanced than the game. We’ll bring your children and your caregivers here with us. They can not come here if you can not go there or when the schools close.”

The game offers to create “a small schoolhouse” at Block headquarters, and also provides teachers to run the lessons. All flights and shelters for children and their caregivers are included.

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“You can see your kids at breaks and at lunchtime! But in all seriousness, this scary time – especially scary for kids – you really need to be with your kids,” says Cam, himself a father of three.

“If everything goes right, we can finish this thing and do it Block Family, with everyone’s family here. ”

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It’s an incredible offer, and one that drastically changes the show, which you can usually see competitors doing Block The ‘bubble’ with limited contact with their families returning home.

Unfortunately, it does not take long for many couples to realize that working is very unreliable.

The Queensland couple Jimmy and Tom have not seen their young daughter Frankie in five weeks and their immediate request is to fly to Melbourne.

“But she’s safe, she’s in Nusa leaving all this … we had to figure out what’s the best thing for her,” Jimmy says.

Daniel and Jade immediately realize that having a family on site is “not an option”.

The couple is being cared for by parents while filming three young children Prohibition. Their youngest, Isla, is one of eight children in the world, which has been identified by a rare chromosome disorder that affects his speech and physical ability.

The tearful couple say converting Islam to Melbourne is “more than a dream”.

In the Wednesday night episode, Parents Prohibition Have to make some difficult decisions about their families Corona virus “Apocalypse” looms.

The block continues at 7.30pm on Wednesday at 9pm

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