US Football Coalition suspends operations

US Football Coalition suspends operations

L'Alliances of American ... (Photo by Stephen M. Dowell, Archives Associated Press)

Photo by Stephen M. Dowell, Archives Associated Press

Ralph D. Russo
Associated Press

The U.S. Football Confederation will be suspended after eight weeks of action.

Eight clubs are not out of the football league business, but no games will be played this weekend. Tom Dandon, the AAF majority owner of Hurricane Carolina, took the action, two sources familiar with the matter told the Associated Press.

As round leaders are still trying to find a solution to the current crisis, the two men did not name names to discuss with the PA. The league announcement is expected to be made later on Tuesday.

AAF was founded by former NFL managing director Bill Polian and television and film content producer Charlie Ebersol. Two PA leaders said Polon and Epsol were surprised by Dundan’s decision and did not want to suspend the league’s activities.

There seemed to be a better chance of surviving this round than other previously formed leagues such as the USFL and the World League because of the individuals involved and their philosophy.

Polian and Epsol saw the league as a school round for the NFL, with several rule amendments to speed up the game and protect it. No kickoff, or one point change: each team had to try a two-point change after a touchdown.

Among its coaches, AAF counts Steve Spurier, Dennis Erickson, Mike Martz and Mike Riley. It includes teams from Orlando, Atlanta, San Diego, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Birmingham and Memphis.

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While the game’s talent is clearly not at the NFL level, it helps to fill the void following entertainment and the Super Bowl presentation.

However, problems quickly arose for this round, which was formed within a year.

Tandon invested $ 250 million in AAF. At the time, Eberzal said it was necessary for Tandon to reclaim the league in order to provide reports of shortages and pay. He said the AAF was having trouble with their payroll software and it was all resolved.

The league hoped the NFL would boost opportunities, but had already been unable to contract with the NFL Players’ Association to borrow young players from clubs in the Goodell circuit.

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