They manage to film the video / mysterious “flying man” from Los Angeles

An airplane instructor captured a mysterious aeronaut flying a “jet bag” or booster rocket.

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After several attempts, they were finally able to record the “flying man” from Los Angeles, USA. In the pictures you can see a person flying with a jet bag (Probation bag) at an altitude of about 900 meters from the city of Palos Verdes.

It is about an unidentified balloonist who has already been spotted on other occasions in the same place. Last September, near Los Angeles Airport, two teams of different planes contacted airport traffic controllers and reportedly flew in a jet bag 900 meters above sea level.

Now, thanks to a video posted on the Sling Pilot Academy Aviation School’s Instagram account, the mystery has begun to unravel.

It was booked by one of the school’s flight instructors on Monday 21-D, according to the RT portal. In it you can see a person flying above the water off the coast of California.

“The video appears to show a jet pack, but it could be a drone or something else,” they wrote in the post. “If this is a ‘man in a jet bag’, you have to see if it’s a legal test flight or a jet bag (with a man) near Los Angeles airport, which has recently disrupted air traffic,” they added.

At that time, after August and September, the local police, the FBI and the US Federal Aviation Administration launched an investigation to find the “flying man”.

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