The grieving swan stops the trains

The grieving swan stops the trains

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Installed on the rail German,
A swan About twenty trains were detained for nearly an hour in mourning for his friend, who eventually had to be evacuated by firefighters, police said.

The two birds strayed into a high-speed line connecting Castle In
Cottingham, In central Germany, “during a trip,” the Castle police said in a statement.

Traffic was light at this time of night for about an hour

One of the two birds died, probably after being trapped in overhead power cables, according to the facts, which occurred on December 23, but was made public on Monday. His companion, unhappy, then sat down next to the dead bird and resisted the authorities’ attempts to keep him out of the tracks.

Firefighters with special equipment had to be called for help: they were able to take the dead swan and its companion safely. The rescued bird was later released into the Fulda River. Twenty-three trains were delayed by about 50 minutes during the rescue operation, the report said. According to the British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Swans have been trying to be a couple for the rest of their lives.

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