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密歇根州欲制裁状告大选舞弊的律师 川普回应

Beijing Time:2020-12-28 04:03

[புதிய டாங் வம்ச செய்தி டிசம்பர் 28, 2020 பெய்ஜிங் நேரம்]MichiganConditionAttorney GeneralDana Nessel (Dana Nessel) recently said she would impose sanctions on lawyers prosecuting state election fraud.TrumpThe president protested early Sunday (December 28) that Nazel should be allowed in, calling on Americans to continue to fight to challenge the election results.

MichiganState Democratic PartyAttorney GeneralIn a recent interview with CNN, Nessel said they plan to impose sanctions on lawyers such as Sidney Powell.Election fraud, Including the use of the Dominion voting system to control the turnout.

Nessel said he was represented by Powell and several other lawyersTrumpThe campaign team filed a lawsuit that violated “professional ethics” set by the American Bar Association for American Lawyers and would require disciplinary action against the legal licenses of these lawyers.

Nessel told CNN that the attorney general, the governing body of the Michigan Supreme Court, plans to file a complaint with the Complaints Commission.

He added that in addition to the sanctions, a complaint should be made to the party to pay court fees and attorney fees.

On the same day, a voter in Wayne County voted in favor of the U.S. for the Michigan East District. The district court filed a lawsuit seeking to punish several attorneys who represented six voters in the state on charges of election fraud. Violated state election law.

Detroit, which has been accused of gross fraud by conservatives, has made similar complaints in counter-attack cases.

This is one of the focal points of the Michigan controversy in the U.S. election. The error rate of these voting machines was as high as 68.05, according to a report by the Allied Security Task Force on All Forensic Assessment of 16 Dominion voting machines in the state’s Antrim County. %.

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Early Sunday morning, Trump reposted the Breitbart news on Nessel’s planPermission attorney, Published by:

“These lawyers are true patriots. They are fighting for the truth, they are clearly approaching (the truth). (Michigan) Attorney General must be allowed. Keep fighting!”

(Reporter Lee Jiax’s detailed report / Editor-in-Chief: May Lane)

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