The Slovenian store staged a real comedy of chaos with the draw for the PlayStation 5

The Slovenian store staged a real comedy of chaos with the draw for the PlayStation 5

Web Home, Writes mostly about computer games and technology, reports about an unusual gift game carried out by a Slovenian shop two weeks ago, when the PlayStation 5 console, five controllers and headphones were announced in the draw.

In a fortnight, this post received over 21,000 comments, but it got complicated in the draw. In front of the cameras, they pulled an influence that sounds like KatieTeplondi, who had to go across the tablet in several video comments before they could reach those involved from day one. The entire draw was already extended to over 17 minutes.

“Congratulations to all the winners – but this draw is completely meaningless … only those who commented the most on the draw for the PS5 console had a chance. There is not even a basic chance, because they do not load at all போல Use the app to select the winner next time as they will not comment “is the participant’s advice

The portal also criticized her breasts for wanting to be brought into the camera lens, saying it had little to do with video games.

And the results? The store lost nearly 600 followers due to the ace, which hires new followers, questioning the fairness of offering the console.

Natlani.C; Photo: Instagram

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