Black notebook: Bryant, Uderzo, VGE, Dominici … they passed away in 2020

Black notebook: Bryant, Uderzo, VGE, Dominici ... they passed away in 2020

Maradona, Sean Connery, Kobe Bryant, Kenzo, Kirk Douglas or Hosni Mubarak … some of the personalities who have left us here in the last 12 months, France and elsewhere, are coming to the end of the cursed 2020 for a good portion of the world’s population.

– 7: Hairdresser and French businessman Jacques Desange, 94.

– 10: Sultan Kabas, 80, modernization of Oman that he led for 50 years.

– 21: Terry Jones, 77, of the famous British actor Monty Python.

– 26: Kobe Bryant, 41, former Lakers basketball player, five-time NBA champion, dies in helicopter crash.

– 26: Miko, 88, famous cabaret manager.

– 31: Mary Higgins Clark, 92, Queen of Suspense who chained American bestsellers.

– 5: Kirk Douglas, The 103-year-old one of Hollywood’s last holy monsters, entered legend with “Paths of Glory” and “Spartacus”.

– 25: Former President of the Republic of Egypt (1981-2011) Hosni Moubarak, 91, is forced to resign after the Arab Spring.

– 8: Max van Saido, 90, revealed by Franco-Swedish actor Ingmar Bergman.

– 29: Krzysztof PENDERECKI, 86, Polish composer and conductor, portrait of the 1960s Sound Avant.

– 24: Albert Uderzo, 92 years old, French cartoonist, co-creator with Goskinni de Asterix.

– 24: Manu Dipango, 76, beaten by Cameroonian Afro-Jazz legend, Kovit-19.

– 26: Former French international footballer and coach Michael Hidalgo, 87, especially Euro-84 winner.

– 29: Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy minister Patrick Devdjian, 75, is beaten by Govt.

– 31: Babe DIOUF, 68, a Senegalese former sports journalist, athlete’s agent and head of the Olympic de Marseille, was beaten by Covit-19.

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– 31: Pierre Benicho, 82, popular at RDL’s Big Heads.

– 16: Louis CebulvedaThe exiled Chilean writer, 70, died from a temple in Spain.

– 16: Christoph, 74, famous French singer and songwriter.

– 19: Philippe Nahon, 82, French actor.

– 19: Monique Willemin, 88, grandmother of “Little Gregory”.

– 27: Robert Herbin, 81, former French footballer and coach, especially captain of the famous Saint-Etienne team.

– 29: Bollywood and Hollywood star Irfan Kehon, 53, thanks to “Slumdog Millionaire”, “Jurassic World” or “The Lanchox”.

– 2: Hamid Seriat Akka ITIR, 70 years old, is the main ambassador of Kapil song.

– 9: Richard Wayne Pennyman’s sister “Little Richard”, 87 years old, famous American singer of “Tutti Frutti” and pioneer of 50s rock n roll.

– 10: Box WRIGHT, 66, American Soul Myth.

– 12: MICHAEL SMALL, 94 years old, actor, monument to French cinema.

– 28: Guy Pedos, 85, famous and famous French actor and comedian.

– 31: Cristo Vladimiroff Javchef Did Cristo, 84, Bulgarian-American, with his wife Jean-Claude, the creator of medieval monumental achievements.

– 8: During the Civil War (1993-2006) former Houthi rebel leader (2005-2020), former President of Burundi (2005-2020) Pierre N. Kurunzisa, 55.

– 19: Ian HOLM, 88, the actor who successfully played Bilbo Packins in The History of the Lord of the Rings.

– 6: Ennio Morricone, 91 years old, Italian composer with over 500 film scores, especially Sergio Leonin.

– 13: Actress Naya Rivera, 33, of the popular series Klee, dies tragically after saving her son from drowning.

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– 26: Melanie, 104-year-old Olivia de Haviland, of Hollywood teen “Con with the Wind” (1939).

– 28: Kisel Halimi, 93, a lawyer and former Member of Parliament who dedicated his life to the rights of women and abortion.

– 24: Pascal Lisoba, 88, the first Congolese president elected by a pluralist ballot, is deported to France after being ousted in 1997.

– 28: Chadwick Boseman, 44, American actor, star of the film Black Panther, has died of cancer.

– 2: 77-year-old King Quick EAV Dit Touch executed as Pol Pot in Cambodia.

– 4: Annie Cordy, 92, singer, journalist and Belgian actress.

– 9: George Bezos, 92, South African lawyer for Nelson Mandela and a tireless human rights activist during apartheid.

– 9: 30-year-old Bertrand-Kamal, the adventurer of the “Co Landa: 4 Lands” season, dies suddenly of cancer.

– 10: Diana RIGG, 82, British actress, Madame “Bowler hat and leather boots”.

– 18: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 87, Dean of the U.S. Supreme Court, Icon of the Progressive Left.

– 18: Roger Carroll, 93, legend of French dubbing, he voiced many cartoon characters including Asterix and Mickey.

– 21: Michael Heinstein, 89, American actor who has starred in more than 200 movie roles, including the famous Hypernatus.

– 23: Juliette Greco, 93, French singer and actress.

– 26: Denise Tillinak, 73, writer.

– 30: Quino, 88, Argentine designer of current events, creator of Mafalta.

– 4: Kenzo Takada Dit Kenzo, 81, is a Japanese-based Japanese designer known for his floral and colorful prints.

– 6: Eddie Van Hollen, 65, guitarist and founder of the Van Hollen Band.

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– 28: Image by Alain REY, 92, linguist and “Le Robert” dictionary.

– 31: Sean Connery, 90 years old, British actor, Lord before James Bond.

– 24: Christophe Dominici, 48, former French international rugby player.

– 24: Mamadou Tantja, 82, former President of Niger (1999-2010), nicknamed “Baba Tantza” (Father of the Nation), acclaimed for his fight against poverty and its austerity measures.

– 26: Diego Maradona, 60, Argentina international footballer, considered the best player of all time.

– 1: Henry Teaser, 91, Archbishop Emeritus of Franco-Algeria Algiers, a direct witness to the attacks of the “Black Decade” (1992-2002), artisan of the Islamic-Christian dialogue.

– 2: Valerie Kiscart de Esting, 94, former French president (1974-1981), father of several identity social reforms, including the legalization of abortion.

– 7: Chuck Yeager, 97, test pilot, first person to cross the sound barrier in 1947.

– 9: Paulo Rossi, 64, Italian footballer, 1982 World Cup winner his country wins.

– 12: John Le Kerr, 89, the British master of the spy novel, especially the author of “The Spy Who Came From The Gold”.

– 14: Gerard Howler, 73, former football coach of major teams such as PSG, French team or Liverpool.

– 15: Carolyn Cellier, 75, French actress.

– 18: Pierre Puoyo, 71, former President of Burundi (1987-1993 and 1996-2003).

– 22: Claude Fraser, 84, actor, monument to French cinema.

– 23: Rika Sarah, 82, Franco-Israeli singer.

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