"Soul": 3 reasons to watch the new animated film from Picture Studio

“Soul”: 3 reasons to watch the new animated film from Picture Studio

Picture Studio offers us the most beautiful Christmas gift with the most successful “soul”. The animated film, available after a cinematic release on Friday, December 25, at Disney +, presents itself as an exciting opening journey full of poetry. Here are three reasons to discover this as a family during the holidays.

For its philosophical and dream-like history

This 23e The film tells the story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher interested in jazz – dubbed by actor Omar C in the French version – and succeeds in bringing together four of the famous saxophonist Dorothea Williams. Valuable clubs in New York. But as he makes his dream come true, this African-American hero – the first in Pixar history – stumbles and accidentally falls into a manhole cover. If her body were still on earth, her soul would find itself in the “Great Before” where she would gain personality before returning as a human being … maybe well. Joe will have to really team up with “22” (Camille Cotein) who is not ready to play this little game. “Are we being sent to Earth with a purpose? Do we want to achieve anything in our lifetime? Do we have a purpose in life? Or do we have to invent it ourselves? We make these components, we have these materials to make these products,” said the co-director with Kemp Powers, already “up” and ” Vice Versa ”signed Dr. Pete explained. Virtual press conference. Health crisis is needed.

This dream-like and philosophical story that evokes friendship, exchange and death – a theme already found in “Coco” – may raise questions in children. But the latter will have the opportunity to watch this movie as many times as they want as they release it on the small screen. Therefore, they can understand all the nuances of this complex situation. “Kids understand these complex concepts and they already have these questions whether we talk to them or not. By minimizing them and working with visual media, I think we are the right medium to deal with these issues in a way that children are not afraid of,” Kemp Powers assures.

For its impressive visual effects

The “soul” changes from one world to another, between 2D and 3D, between an imaginary universe where souls “live” and the deep realistic bubble of New York. Dr. Pete recalled: “All the artists and technicians would go back together for hours and redesign the designs. If you draw souls they will be very simple, you will not see anything difficult, but we know that what the computer is going to provide is an essential part of the design ”. When it came to Big Apple, it was clear to the group that the story had to be told right there: “(in this city) some of the best jazz clubs in the United States and around the world. (She) actually won it as a city for Joe ”. Conclusion: The visual treatment of this new animated work is breathtaking. Pixar has done even more miracles and made technological achievements. The studio is dedicated to “priests, rabbis, Hindu and traditional people, even shamans” so as not to offend anyone in the reconstruction and not to create an isolated psychological or religious perspective.

For his exotic soundtrack

This dual reading hobby that appeals to children and adults alike was composed by musician John Batiste and not by longtime Oscar-winning Nine Inch Nails’ Trend Resner and Atticus Rose. – “Social Networking” feature. The soundtrack is totally part of the story and takes all the characters into an unforgettable swing. “Jazz has a long history with animation, because there was sound in a movie, and that’s part of it. If you think about Bobby Boop and the early Disney movies, there was already jazz. With” Soul, “we’re improving our lives. You don’t play notes, you can improve them while playing, so we realized that jazz has a lot to teach us about the story we tell, ”concludes co-director Pete Doctor.

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