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Røyk og flammer stiger opp fra Gaza natt til lørdag. På bildet ses et av målene som ble rammet av det israelske gjengjeldelsesangrepet.

Two rockets were fired by the Iron Dome Air Defense Organization on southern Israel on Friday night. This was stated by the Israeli Defense (IDF). So far, no civilians have been reported inside Israel. A woman is said to have been treated at a hospital in Ashkelon. She had a nervous breakdown after the attack.

There have also been reports of traumatic injuries to several Israelis.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in an Israeli residential area of ​​Ashkelon. Alarms were also triggered in Mawkim, Karmia, Jigim and Native Hazara apartments near Ashkelon.

Several videos showing the rocket attack from Gaza have been posted on Twitter. Flight alarms are heard on the records. You can also see how the rockets are fired.

Israeli counter-attack

Israel responded to the rocket attack by pursuing Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. It happened Saturday night local time.

The IDF says the warplanes were quickly sent over the wings. The retaliatory attack affected a rocket factory, an underground facility and a military post.

“Hamas must take the consequences of all terrorism coming from Gaza,” the IDF said in a statement.

According to Harretz The rocket attack from the Gaza Strip on Friday night lasted more than a month.

Israel must hold Hamas responsible for all attacks that appear there, despite the fact that there are other smaller Palestinian factions behind the series of attacks from the Gaza Strip.

Neither Hamas nor the Islamic State of Gaza has claimed responsibility for Friday’s rocket attack on Israel.

The claim hospital was affected

Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip have a different version of the night attack. According to Jerusalem Post They say the Israeli counter-attack hit a children’s hospital and a health center.

Two Palestinians are said to have sustained minor injuries.

“The IDF attacks will not weaken the Palestinian people, but will strengthen their will to fight for their rights,” a Hamas statement said.

The report was released after the Israeli counter-attack.

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