The first pages of the newspaper are terrible Donald Trump tricks

The first pages of the newspaper are terrible Donald Trump tricks

Donald Trump hates an important topic, so he will not be happy about the first pages being shared around the world.

Newspapers have been ridiculed and insulted Mr. Trump Tricks US election Results, with Joe Biden Claiming to be successful.

As Mr Trump continues to insist that votes are fraudulent and fraudulent, the media is gaining creativity to document his old fit.

Even members of Mr Trump’s own family His wife Melania Is said Trying to convince him to admit.

On our own soil, Western Australian He brutally admitted his fake spit:

Newspapers around the world are so hard, people on social media either appreciate their coverage or have fun watching Mr Trump by sharing the first pages on Twitter.

Metro Went to the UK with “Trump the Crump”, while many outlets chose to direct photos of Mr. Trump beating and glowing.

As expected, many went from the time he was his star to his infamous line, “You’re fired”. Trainee.

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Others, with their coverage, are more humble Daily Telegraph In the UK it runs the theme of ‘growing pressure on Trump to go quiet’.

Many readers have noticed that some stores are moving too fast or are further allocating news about Mr. Trump’s reaction in the newspaper.

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Some former editors used the news as an opportunity to share old front pages, especially Jeff Jarvis, a Sunday editor. New York Daily News.

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He shared pages from a paper 30 years ago that stamped Mr. Trump as “having been”.

Includes actual result, German news magazine Glass In 2017 it re-created its controversial card with Mr Trump.

This new cover was made by the same artist who shows Mr. Biden putting Lady Liberty’s head back on with the slogan “Make America Great Again” by Trump.

“My new cover for Der Spiegel, Lady Liberty is back together. Thanks for following my work for the past four years,” tweeted Cuban-American artist Edel Rodriguez.

Glass Editor-in-Chief Barbara Hans is one of the two preparing for Saturday ‘s press release in anticipation of the results, and the other shows Mr. Trump loading a gun into an Oval Office and reading “Stutter.”

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