12 Strokes of Christmas, Beauty and the Nomad என்ன What to watch on TV tonight?

12 Strokes of Christmas, Beauty and the Nomad என்ன What to watch on TV tonight?

A 21 m 05, TF1 Program Entertainment 12 Christmas strokes. Jean-Luc Reichman proposes to celebrate Christmas in an evening with good humor, celebration, surprises and gifts. With two distinguished guests and some masters of the luncheon show, he plans a part for the benefit of Restos du Choir, which will receive a check for an exceptional amount.

An adorable girl Coker Spaniel falls in love with a rugged hornet. They are both an adventurous journey and experience moving adventures … M6 The animated film airs at 9:05 p.m. Lady and the Nomad. The love story of Belle, the well-born little Cocker Spaniel and a street pooch closet with a big heart is one of Disney’s enduring charms. We never tire of having their candlelight dinner in the back kitchen of an Italian restaurant, cheering them on kissing and feasting on the awful shots of precious Siamese cats. Disney’s perfect genius is back at work.

Show 300 singers for the holidays Will continue at 9:05 p.m. France3. On Christmas Eve, Vincent Niccol takes the hair of “300 singers” to give you an exceptional number with the finest artists of French and international scene. For this concert event, artists perform the most beautiful Christmas carols in solo or duets and some of the best song and song standards in the new editions.

Finally at 9:05 p.m. Canal + Provides adventure film Call of the Forest. Buck, stolen from his owner, was listed as a gentle hound, a riding dog in the American North, accustomed to comfort. In this adaptation of Jack London’s masterpiece, Dogs and Wolves are in the works, vast landscapes worked with the graphic palette … in short, the digital controls wild nature, loses the emotional film and is the driving force of this great learning novel. Nonetheless, the adventure pushes its gold diggers down its races and rapids in the snow. We end up being paired with the bold buck, all pixels.

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