The closed doors of the fire in seven films

The closed doors of the fire in seven films
Written by Justin Henry and Dustin Hoffman, Robert Benton

Breakfast list

Called to be sealed to control the epidemic, everyone has been living the life of a man or a housewife for the past one year, between the walls of his house or the walls of his apartment, with the feeling of leading a life of being withdrawn within himself, disconnected from the outside world.

From Buster Keaton to John Cassavets through Chandel Ackerman and Roman Polanski, cinema is greatly inspired by the situations provided by the conflict of human beings forced to live in solitude.

“The Scarecrow” (1920): Two men around a gas stove

The Scarecrow (One of the French topics in it Malek’s tricks) A short film directed by Buster Keaton and Eddie Klein in 1920. Keaton and Joe Roberts, two bachelor and farm workers, fall in love with the daughter of a working farmer and live together in a small shack. “All the rooms in this house fit into one room”, Refers to a box in the image.

Both men have developed a method of preparing breakfast, eating it, and making meals with minimal effort. So the condiments and bottles hung by the ropes oscillate on a table on which the plates and glasses are glued. Also, the limitations of the space are overlooked by the many applications provided by the materials and furniture: the bed becomes a piano, the recorder becomes a gas stove, the library hides a refrigerator.

The housewife can not waste her energy or indulge in trivial household chores, all the while looking for and seducing, who in the second part of the film is his fiance. Because the sign hanging in the room says: A house without a mother? » Really, what would a house be without a mother? Everything is everything, the fantasy of a world where everything works alone, perhaps. Jean-Franோois Roger

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“The Scarecrow”, an American film by Buster Keaton and Eddie Klein. With Buster Keaton, Joe Roberts, Sibyl Seeley (19 min). In ArteVOD.

“The Taste of Zack” (1962): Accepting Loneliness

Fifty-fourth and last work by Japanese master Yasujiro Ozu (1903-1963), Taste of the substance Immediately asks the question of happiness. Hence the loss.

Widow, Sushe Hirayama may be living the last years of her career. He has three children. Koizi, the eldest, married Akiko. He loves golf; They have money problems. The youngest, Kazuo and his 24-year-old daughter Michiko, who sacrifices himself for the convenience of the first two, are surrounded only by an elderly father. Without it, nothing would work in this paper house!

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