The Trump campaign sued an election technology company employee

The Trump campaign sued an election technology company employee

The target of the death threats is an employee of an election technology company who has filed a defamation suit against Donald Trump’s campaign, two of the president’s lawyers, and conservative figures and the media.

Eric Kumar, the defense director of the Dominion voting system, says he has been pressured to step down following allegations that his name was involved in the presidential election. In support of President-elect Joe Biden. However, there is no indication that the vote was rigged.

His appeal, filed Tuesday in Denver County District Court in Colorado, was filed by Republican campaigners, attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, Conservative columnist Michael Malkin, Gateway Pundit website, Colorado Conservative activist Joseph Oldman and the New York media.

“I have attracted attention from people with political and financial motives, but I am a person who cares about his privacy,” Kumar said in a statement.

“Although I want to do everything I can to get my old life back, I have not disappointed myself in this matter,” he added.

“Therefore, I believe today in the judicial process that has already revealed the truth about the 2020 presidential election.”

Dominion, which has sidelined several U.S. states in the polls, denies redistributing pro-Trump votes to Joe Biden. No evidence has emerged to support this theory.

Mr. Lawyers for Kumar argue that their client is stunned to be the “face of false accusations”.

Dominion, cited in unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, and another electoral technology company, Smartmatic, will retaliate.

Faced with legal action threats, Fox News and Newsmax have recently withdrawn some of the allegations on their networks.

Mr. Defendants did not immediately respond to Kumar’s representations.

– Burr David Potter, The Associated Press

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